PiperEdge technologies offer expert services for desig and development of applications related to XML Web Services.

PiperEdge technologies offer expert services for desig and development of applications related to XML Web Services. Being small or big organization our team of professionals provide full support in designing, developing and optimizing their IT infrastructure. Having years of experience of technical expertise in XML, Schema, Dtd XSL, XML and several other design tools, our programmers develop customized XML Web services for clients.

XML Web services can be published, located, and invoked across the web as they are are self-contained, self-describing, modular applications. Exchange of incompatible formats of data in computer systems and databases over the Internet is a time-consuming and challenging task. PiperEdge Technologies perfectly combines unique processes, state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled professionals and permits you to perform a wide variety of functions ranging from simple requests to complicated business processes.

The design goals for Web Development using XML are :

  • XML should be directly used over the Internet.
  • XML should support wide variety of applications.
  • XML should be compatible with SGML.
  • It should be easy to write programs, which process XML documents.
  • The number of optional features in XML is to be kept to the absolute minimum, ideally zero.
  • XML documents should be human-legible and fairly clear.
  • The XML design should be prepared instantly.
  • The design of XML should be formal and concise.
  • XML documents should be easy to create.

PiperEdge technologies helps global organizations in executing XML Web services to integrate applications within the enterprise and to extend the reach of their businesses to partners and customers. We are an outsourcing company and you can outsource all your XML Web service requirements to us. Our professionals help in creating efficient and perfect XML Web solutions and add value to your business through their expertise in competitive technologies such as ASP.Net, C# and Java.

XML Web Development Services will include:

  • XML / AJAX / PHP Programming
  • XML Data Transfer
  • XML Data Distribution
  • XML System Integration
  • XML Application Maintenance
  • XML Web Designing
  • XML web application customization
  • Database to XML transfer
  • XML to Database transfer
  • Offline/Online Data Synchronization
  • Customized visualization of data for clients
  • Collection of essential scattered data on the net
  • Customized XML web development

Why Outsource XML Web Development to PiperEdge Technologies?

Being one of the leading XML website Development Company, we give our best XML web development services to our clients by leveraging the experience and expertise of our XML website developers. With an experienced team of XML web developers, we can assure you of XML based web application solutions that are secure, fast, scalable, robust and cost effective.

Benefits are acquired via Offshore Dedicated XML Professionals:

  • More flexible services in hiring as per requirement.
  • Services are provided by our experienced and professional experts who are well trained and have handy approach on latest technology.
  • We offer most unique, time optimized service solutions with cost savvy benefits
  • Professional XML developer will be available 24*7 online for service assistance and frequent interaction with clients
  • On time delivery at affordable cost

There are other numerous benefits in hiring offshore dedicated XML professionals . So, if you are interested in our XML web development solution or if you want to hire our XML Developer Contact us.

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